Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent Questions


  • As a Buyer, why should I use GoBuyChem over my normal distributor?

    Traditionally, a Buyer would have to call or email a distributor to receive a quotation. However, GoBuyChem allows a Buyer to receive multiple DDP quotes from different suppliers within seconds. This saves time, administration and instantly expands your reach in the marketplace. The anonymity of the buyer and seller protects both parties from financial risk in a volatile marketplace. This can be particularly useful for large companies when the market is tight and prices become increasingly volatile. GoBuyChem is the contracting party and does away with the model of a traditional distributor that has discretion of which party they buy and sell to. GoBuyChem creates and encourages a fair and open playing field to small, medium and large companies.

  • What happens if the delivery arrives and it is off spec?

    Any problems would be handled in exactly the same way as they would be by any other asset based distributor. As GoBuyChem is the contracting party it is GoBuyChem that will resolve any issue; be it supply chain or technical. All issues will be dealt with in the quickest and most efficient way. As reassurance, all cargoes are fully insured. GoBuyChem’s objective is to always ensure a smooth efficient supply chain and ensure the Buyer receives cargo of the right quality; quantity and on time delivery.

  • Am I able to track my order online?

    On your Dashboard tab “Orders in Progress” you will see a list of orders that have been placed and for each one you are able to track the behind the scenes activity and progress of your order. Once you click on the arrow icon in the ‘View’ column, a drop down box is shown, which displays further details of the order. You can then click ‘View progress’ in the ‘Action’ column to see the exact progress of your order. With this tool you should be reassured that your order is being safely dealt with behind the scenes. If you have any concerns as to the progress of your order, simply click on the adjacent “Contact Us” tab. Our GoBuyChem representatives will then make contact with you to address your concerns. Alternatively, you can always make contact with us direct by email [email protected] or call us on +44 1223 776 177.

  • How can I cancel once an order is placed?

    Once an order is confirmed you must contact us at GoBuyChem as soon as possible with your purchase reference number. The longer you wait the more difficult it is to cancel. We will endeavour to service all of our client in the best possible way. Service and integrity is key.

  • Can I specify the manufacturer of the material and/or whether it has been co-mingled with any other manufacturers material?

    When you request for a cargo from GoBuyChem you can request a specific producers name or simply opt for 'any' origin. You will receive as many quotes as there are sellers on line. If the sellers have declared the origin then this will be highlighted in the offer. For example, if the MPG is of Ineos and Shell origin then the offer from the seller will have Shell / Ineos listed in the quote. Remember if a seller posts Shell origin only, the seller may be either Shell or another third party. Sellers may not wish to post the name of the producer and so you can check the integrity of the cargo from the accompanying specification. Which is also posted with each price offer.

  • When would my order be available for delivery?

    You can specify the date of delivery from a drop down calendar, part of the process when asking for a price. If you want to change the date after the order is placed then you need simply call the office and we will try and accommodate.

  • What credit terms could be offered?

    You can choose the payment terms to suit your own business. another drop down box ! You choose anything from 30 days from CMR up to 60 days end of month. There is naturally a small interest charge, but very often the cost of the finance is negligible. This is always as long as your company remains within the allocated credit limits.